Qualificação das PME - Operações Individuais

Qualificação das PME - Operações Individuais

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This grant aims to promote the empowerment of SMEs, focusing on the qualification and digitalization of business models. The aim is to support the adoption of immaterial business strategies, i.e. internal and organizational improvement, digitalization of processes and products/services, or knowledge transfers such as patents.

Projects to be developed

  • Organizational innovation and management such as benchmarking, diagnosis, planning and others;
  • Digital economy and ICT: use of marketing tools - inbound and outbound, and others;
  • Brand creation and design: conception and registration of company brands or products/services;
  • Development and engineering of products, services and processes;
  • Industrial property protection: patents, inventions, utility models and designs;
  • Certification: Portuguese Quality System (SPQ) or international certification systems.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of any nature and legal form
  • Must have organised accounts
  • Projects cannot be lower than 200.000€

Eligible Expenses

  • Software used for organisational and non-productive purposes;
  • Hiring 2 qualified human resources, including basic salary and social charges;
  • Consultancy: certified accountants or statutory auditors, certification of products, processes or services, registration of new brands, subscription digital platforms and inclusion in directories and search engines (SEO);
  • Obtaining, validating and defending patents and other industrial property registrations.

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June 7, 2024

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