EIC Accelerator - Short Proposal

EIC Accelerator - Short Proposal

Up to 2.500.000€



The EIC Accelerator supports startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with highly technological R&D projects with a major impact on the creation of new markets, such as health, digital biotechnology, mobility and energy.


  • Human Centric Generative AI
  • Augmented and Virtual reality to support the realisation of Industry 5.0
  • Smart edge and quantum technology components
  • Food from precision fermentation and algae
  • Monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics for new variants of emerging viruses
  • Renewable energy sources and their whole value chain including materials development and recycling of components
  • Other innovative sectors with major impact

Eligibility criteria:

  • Projects developed on the basis of scientific discoveries and technological advances
  • Projects that have already reached a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of level 5
  • Project established in an EU Member State or in a country associated with Horizon Europe

Stages of the process:

1. Short Proposal (Granter fee of 750€)

  • 5-page proposal + 10-slide pitch + 3-minute video
  • Continuously open with a response of up to 4 weeks

2. Full proposal (Granter fee of 2250€ + 2% of success fee)

  • Full 20-page proposal with annexes + Coaching by the European Commission
  • Evaluation with projects of excellence, impact, risk and implementation
  • Results in 5-6 weeks
  • Last cut-off of 2024 on October 3rd

3. Interview with EIC jury:

  • 10-minute pitch + 30-minute Q&A
  • Funding decision in 2-3 weeks

Note: If you have already received a grant support by the EIC Accelerator, you can apply for an investment by the EIC Fund.

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Dec. 1, 2023

Opening of applications

Oct. 3, 2024

Closing of applications


Jan. 13, 2025

Pitch Day

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