Fundos SIFIDE (Selo de Idoneidade)

Fundos SIFIDE (Selo de Idoneidade)

Up to 2.000.000€



As with any investment, the company is selling a percentage of its business in exchange for capital.

SIFIDE Funds are investment funds that benefit from tax credits for investing in startups that are recognized as innovative. For a company to be eligible to be invested in by one of these funds, it must obtain a Selo ID: Reconhecimento de Idoneidade awarded by ANI (National Innovation Agency). Given that very few startups in Portugal have the Selo ID: Reconhecimento de Idoneidade, those that do substantially increase their chances of receiving investment.

Important: Granter will help you prepare the application for the Selo ID: Reconhecimento de Idoneidade. The company will then have to apply for SIFIDE Funds directly and go through the fund's normal due diligence.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Recommended: Startups with more than 6 months -1 year of past R&D experience (if you don't have it, you need to have Human Resources with a lot of prior R&D experience)
  • Startups with high growth potential
  • Startups with a strong focus on R&D 
  • Have an investment in R&D activities equivalent to at least 7.5% of their turnover in the previous fiscal year, proven by submitting the National Scientific and Technological Potential Survey (IPCTN). In the case of academic-based spinoffs and start-ups, accounting proof of turnover and R&D investment.
  • Have human resources specialized in one of the following strategic areas:
    • Digital Transition
    • Materials, Systems and Production Technologies
    • Green Transition
    • Society, Creativity and Heritage
    • Health, Biotechnology and Food

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Jan. 1, 2024

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Dec. 31, 2024

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